Driver Surge Protection Decoder

Where disaster doesn’t strike

The SRC Surge Protection Decoder shields your two-wire decoder system from lightning strike or any other electrical spikes or surges. A highend waterproof product with the sole purpose of protection the two-wire system against surges up to 10kA. Like the rest of the SRC decoder family the SRC Surge Protection decoder has a best in class approval making it your best source of risk mitigation when disaster lurks.


  • Protection of decoder system against surge up to 10kA
  • Improve aesthetics and reduce costs with buried in-field controls
  • Easy system expansion. Simply splice into the communication line and add additional decoders
  • Installation requires up to 80% less wire than conventional satellite systems
  • Electronic components are completely encapsulated to protect against the elements
  • Underground “switch boxes” reduce the chance of damage from animals or vandals