Grower Sensor Decoder

Optimize your crop and prevent wasteful watering

Sensor decoders are an essential part of any weather-sensitive irrigation control system. The SRC Grower Sensor Decoder allows you to monitor soil moisture, water flow, temperature and many other parameters in real-time and set alarms to stop irrigation when set limits levels have been reached. This allows you to both optimize your crops as well as well as not waste precious water resources. Using our web interface, you have access to all the data in real-time so you can both overserve and control your irrigation accordingly.


  • Allows reading of remotely located sensors utilizing the 2-wire
  • Source power for the sensor – no need for extra power in the field
  • Configurable between contact, pulse counting flow rate and 4-20mA
  • Supports the Grower family to monitor various conditions and generate alarms and perform associated actions