Ranger Converter

Convert your favorite controller to 2-wire!

The traditional outputs of any controller can be wired into the SRC Ranger Converter 3000 and then it converts those traditional valve outputs onto a 2-wire/decoder path potentially saving you as much as 80% of what it would cost you to extend all of those dedicated wires out to each and every valve location. Much less wire, much less labor and much more savings! The host controller is completely unaware and unaffected by the fact that the valves are actually controlled by the SRC Ranger Converter over a 2-Wire path.


  • Save up to 80% of your costs by converting traditional decoders onto a 2-wire system
  • Retrofit any coventional controller to a 2-wire system
  • Connect up to 48 stations on a single converter
  • Operate up to 10 valves simultaneously
  • One Master Valve, with override capability
  • Extension up to 96 stations
  • Two flow meters