Web Management Platform

Get remote access to your irrigation systems

Forget the days where irrigation control was monitored and handled in a dusty control room. With our web interfaces you can access and control all of your systems on the fly – whenever it fits you. With our service provider the system is always online and ready when you are. Control it with your smartphone or any other browser-enabled device.


  • Simply log on to our dashboard and monitor and control your system on the go
  • Make faster decisions and save money and resources with sensor readings in real-time
  • Get remote access to control critical infrastructure like water management and soil conditions. Don’t worry about security or data loss – our solution is certified secure
  • Receive alarms in real-time and troubleshoot any issues directly from the dashboard
  • Work together – with our note system it’s easy for multiple user to annotate and make comments for alarm or setup configurations
  • Intelligent monitoring and solutions. Our interface suggests solutions based on alarms in the short-finding mode